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Though essentially a corporate law practice, over the years it has developed a wide and extremely diversified practice base in the following fields:

  • Insurance

The Henri Job law firm serves as leading Counsel to several major insurance companies in Cameroon and its in-depth experience, covering virtually every aspect of the field, makes it continually sought after by both veteran and newcomers in the field.

The firm has counselled most major players in this industry on the all issues in this field; from the simplest day to day transactions to the more complex ones. With the strategic position of the port town of Douala as the hub serving other landlocked Central African nations, our intervention often involves the developing of legal solutions to problems inherent in maritime transport.

  • Taxation

In our dedication to the provision of turnkey legal solutions to its clients, we at the Henri Job law firm created a fully functional fiscal department oriented towards the provision of top-notch services to its clients both within and outside Cameroon.

The necessity of this service is heightened by our  position as a reference point for potential investors in Cameroon and the Central African sub-region as a whole. We continue to be diversely consulted on the various fiscal regimes available and the tailoring of models adapted to accommodate the exigencies of various business concerns and their activities, be they start-ups or going concerns, in order to achieve the most favourable fiscal climate possible in their quest for the optimisation their activities.

  • Corporate Law and Practice

Forming the core of its activities, it is a safe conclusion to draw that the firm has worked with most of the major corporate establishments in Cameroon.

The firm has extensive experience in the following areas:

-          Joint Ventures

-          General Company Law

-          Project Financing

-          Debt Recovery

-          Composition with Creditors

-          Mergers and Acquisitions

-          Labour and General Employment Law

Given the drive to stimulate private investment in Africa, several international organizations have found it expedient to establish regional offices in Cameroon for the Central African sub-region. The Henri Job law firm works in close collaboration with a number of these organizations, drafting and renewing project finance agreements and serving as a consultant with regard to the development of debt-recovery proceedings, techniques and strategies.

Having been at the forefront of the privatization initiative of the government of Cameroon, it has advised foreign investors on questions involving Mergers, Acquisitions and Consolidation of enterprises within Cameroon and in the sub-region as a whole. 

  • Banking

For over two decades, the Henri JOB Law Firm has served as leading counsel to major banks in Cameroon inclusive of their foreign affiliates and it is a safe conclusion to draw that the firm has dealt with most of the leading banking concerns in Cameroon.

The same role has been, and continues to be played by the firm as regards the financial or private sector arm of certain international organisations

  • Intellectual Property

Intellectual property forms an integral and focal aspect of the practice at Henri Job. As a member of the International Trademarks Association and as one of the few accredited agents of the African Intellectual Property Organisation (AIPO) located in Yaoundé, the political capital of Cameroon, whose sphere of authority covers 16 African nations, the firm transacts on a daily basis with clients from all over the world, ensuring the maximum protection possible for their intellectual property rights.

At Henri Job, we continue to maintain vigilant guard over IP rights placed under our responsibility, offering solutions to the owners in keeping with international practice and standards in the event of their breach.

  • Arbitration and Mediation

Even before the inception of the OHADA Uniform Act on Arbitration, the business community in Cameroon, under the aegis of the GICAM, the conglomeration of the major Cameroonian and foreign business concerns created with the primary objective of advancing their common interests, created a centre of arbitration with its own rules and procedure fashioned after the likes of major international arbitration bodies.

The Henri Job law firm is proud to be a member of the GICAM Centre for Arbitration and its founder is one of the accredited arbitrators; a testimony of our professionalism and encouragement of this increasingly popular alternative to the regular courts. Barrister Henri Job is also an accredited arbitrator at the OHADA Common Court of Justice and Arbitration based in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast.

Firm in the belief that parties contract not with a view to create problems but rather to avoid them, it has been our regular duty to advise local and foreign investors on their contractual intentions and consequent obligations so as to minimising possible conflicts on the one hand, and fashioning expeditious ways of conflict resolution on the other so as to avoid the unpleasant distraction such conflicts may cause in the core activities of such business concerns.

  • Oil and Gas

As an oil-producing country, Cameroon plays host to the world’s major petroleum companies. The Henri Job law firm has worked with many of these companies, offering advise on issues both local and concerning their interests within the Central African sub-region.

Cameroon’s fossil energy potential is largely untapped and in the build-up of the prospecting activities of these companies, the Henri Job law firm’s sterling reputation and impeccable references continue to make it highly solicited in the field.

  • Maritime

Conscious of the delicate nature of obligations arising out of carriage by sea agreements, the Henri Job law firm has become a reference in competence, satisfying even the most exigent of clients in maritime and ancillary transactions.

Springing from our creed of integrity and dedication, we keep abreast of laws and practices in this field by streamlining our practice with the standards laid down by internationally recognised bodies in the field within the scope of municipal law wherever our services may be sought within the sub-region.

  • Telecommunications and Media Technology

The firm possesses one of the foremost telecommunications practices in Cameroon and has developed an unrivalled experience level in this area of law.

Having participated in the privatisation of CAMTEL MOBILE, the state-owned telecommunications operator, we also played an active role in the GSM auction and continue to be sought after by the leading GSM and CDMA technology licensees as well as interested investors. 

We represent key telecommunications operators and service providers, equipment and maintenance providers, mobile and fixed telephony operators, suppliers of terminal equipment and value added services as well as purchasers of telecommunications systems and E-commerce users.

We continue to provide legal advice on regulatory, intellectual property, interconnection, corporate and licensing issues in the telecommunications sector, assisting key players in procuring the necessary permits and authorisations from the relevant regulatory bodies and government organisations. We focus on providing turn-key legal services to our clients, tailored to suit their individual needs.

·        Privatisation, Project Finance and Foreign Investment

The Henri Job Law firm is a leading consultant on privatization and foreign direct investment issues in Cameroon, acting for several multinational concerns. We provide complete advisory services on business establishment, operation and dissolution/liquidation of companies and other business organizations, acquisition of assets and property and assuring at all times conformity with the often complicated regulatory issues.

We have cultivated excellent working relationships with governmental bodies and industry regulators, an investment we have found to be of considerable value to our clientele.

In addition to the foregoing, the Henri JOB Law Firm is internationally sought after to deliver opinions and consultations on various subjects.

With a client base spanning the entire five continents, it is also widely consulted on issues in international law and remains one of the few accredited agents of the African Organisation of Intellectual Property in the Central and West African sub-regions.